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Anti-Bullying Resources


Anti-Bullying Resources

If you or someone you know is being bullied, here are anti-bullying resources that can help make a huge difference.

If you or someone you know is being bullied, it’s normal to feel fear and isolation. Many victims of bullying find it difficult to reach out to other people. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with the bully’s cruel actions. There are countless anti-bullying resources available for victims.

Speak to Someone

talk to someone about bullyingTo stop the bully from harming you or your loved one even more, reach out to someone. When we ask for help, it doesn’t mean we’re weak. Reaching out to talk to someone about what’s going on is the initial step in fixing the problem, a problem that should not be accepted or tolerated in any way. It’s a basic human right to feel safe wherever we are. If the bullying happens at school or at work, the law requires the school or employer to do their part in preventing bullying from occurring.

Who can you speak with to stop bullying? Look around you and you’ll find many people who are willing to listen and help you out. Be sure to talk to someone you can trust. They can be a teacher, a friend, parent or government worker like the police or social service worker. If you’re too frightened or nervous to speak to any of these people directly, there is also the option of writing them a letter or an email.

Some people assume talking to a parent or teacher can aggravate the situation. If this is a concern, contact ChildLine and your story will be kept under strict confidence. Call 0800 1111 and explain your situation then ask for concrete advice. The advisers on ChildLine are there to aid any young person with all kinds of problems. You will not be judged.

Online Help for Victims of Bullying

go online for anti bullying supportThanks to the Internet, help is easier to reach than ever. Here are some links to the best anti-bullying resources online:

Family Lives, which was previously under the name Parentline, gives the public a confidential helpline to call. This is a free service and you can use your landline to all. Most mobiles won’t be charged either. Contact them by dialling 0808 800 2222 or by visiting the Family Lives website here. You can get information, guidance, support and guidance on any issues concerning family life, parenting, abusive relationships and bullying.

The National Bullying Helpline is a privately run advice centre that is nationally recognised and is highly well respected. The founders are a married couple, David and Christine Pratt. David also operates and runs a successful HR consultancy firm. This advice centre specialises in conflict, including bullying.

You may contact them by calling 0845 22 55 787 or emailing admin@nationalbullyinghelpline.co.uk. For more details, visit their website here.

Get Connected is a free, confidential and multi-issue counselling service in the UK for people whose ages are below 25. The goal of this helpline service is to target and help people who need aid but don’t know where to get it.

This organization helps children and young people from anywhere in England and all issues are covered, including bullying. The service offered is available 365 days each year. You can contact them by phone, through online chat, email or Get Connected’s free mobile app. Their website comes with a searchable directory listing available support services.

Last year alone Get Connected was able to directly help over 24,000 young people. The problems included bullying, homelessness, self harm, drug abuse and more. You may get free help by contacting this organization via phone (Tel 0808 808 4994), email (help@getconnected.org.uk) or via chat and mobile app. Visit their website’s contact page for more details.

Psych Forums allows its members to discuss a wide range of topics, including bullying. The site covers a wide range of issues from mental health to insomnia, drug abuse and more. To jump to the page about bullying, click here.

Able2Know is a forum site that covers all types of topics. While it’s not purely a site about counselling or bullying, there is a special section where members can discuss and help each other with regards to bullying. Visit the page here.

Hotline to Call If You Want to Know How to Stop Bullies

someone to call for support if a victim of bullyingBullybusters is a free anti-bullying helpline. Its services are available to anyone who has been affected by bullying. The organization has a website that includes a message board and special sections aimed for kids and young adults. Bullying UK gives very useful practical advice and information regarding bullying.

You may call Bullybusters by dialling 0800 169 6928 or by visiting their website.

If bullying happens in school, make sure to:

  • Inform a teacher, counsellor or other trusted adult in school.
  • Accompany the person being bullied. Support what they have to say when speaking with a teacher.
  • Talk to the victim of the bully and let them know you will help them talk to their parents.
  • Speak with your parents and let them know what’s going on. Ask them to have a quiet word with the head of your class or a teacher.
  • Make a pact with other friends that you will all strive to make the bully know that what they’re doing is not acceptable.
  • Keep a journal of what you observe. This way you can provide a reliable account to your teachers and parents.

Discuss the situation

Bullying can be as difficult topic to discuss, there are many ways to broach the subject but one way using the media of film is by watching a short animation called Daisy Chain.  This movie will spark discussions that could lead onto talking about personal experiences and could be a useful way to get someone to open up if they are experiencing difficulties doing so.

Before taking action it can be useful to know exactly what bulling is and know how to spot any signs that a person you know is being bullied.

A bully needs to know their behaviour is not acceptable. Reach out to people if you’re being bullied or extend a helping hand to a victim you know. Your efforts will do wonders.


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