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Otoplasty – a last resort for some.

Children can be cruel to one another – and it’s never easy when your child faces such a problem, especially if it’s over a physical difference from the other kids.  Everyone has a part of their body that they’re not comfortable with, and most people come to terms with it over time. One common issue […]

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Could Your Child Be A Bully?

Could Your Child Be A Bully? Do you ever ask yourself: “Is my child a bully?” Discover the tell tale signs of a bully and how to respond appropriately. Is my child a bully? Sure, raising children is not an easy task yet there aren’t many things that hurt parents more than discovering their children […]

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What Is Bullying – Is it Different to Teasing?

Can you tell if someone is bullying or just teasing? Read on to find out the difference between the two. Can you answer the question ‘what is bullying?’ Sometimes we wonder if we’re being onion-skinned or if bullying is actually taking place. Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behaviour that usually occurs among school aged children and […]

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Overview of the Anti Bullying Film Daisy Chain

One father has raised a campaign to fight bullying and world-famous Hollywood star Kate Winslet has given her support for this honourable and highly necessary endeavour. The British Winslet is the voice behind one of the main characters in the animation short film titled Daisy Chain. The anti-bullying film is written and directed by Australian […]

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Signs your Child is Being Bullied

Bullying is more common than you think. Read on to know the tell-tale signs that your child is being bullied. If you’re wondering how to know if someone is being bullied, then you’ve come to the right place. Bullying harms the victim in more ways than most people expect. This is especially true if the […]

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Anti-Bullying Resources

Anti-Bullying Resources If you or someone you know is being bullied, here are anti-bullying resources that can help make a huge difference. If you or someone you know is being bullied, it’s normal to feel fear and isolation. Many victims of bullying find it difficult to reach out to other people. The good news is […]

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Every Parent Against Bullying